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Strain information

The APB maintains the cryo-storage of ~4,000 mouse strains produced over the last two decades. We provide continued data curation of new strains being produced and made accessible across Australia and the rest of the world. Our goal is to improve collaboration and ensure value to the research community.

Search for your mutation of interest

The following link will take you to our online database of genetically modified mouse strains. You can search for any specific mouse strain, a gene of interest, strains characteristics or using the APB strain ID. 

Submit information about a strain

Important information

Acknowledge Us

Please acknowledge us in your research papers to support continued research infrastructure investments by institutions and governments.

First-time use

You need to know following details to submit strain information:
  • Animal Ethics Code covering the strain
  • NLRD license number covering the strain


The APB encourage all depositors to adhere and follow the standard nomenclature rules when describing mouse strains.


Please provide the details of the original mouse strain creator, if the strain was obtained from someone else.


Once the strain information form is completed, APB services can be requested by using the link provided to you by email. 

 Public access

Restricted or unrestricted view access is available. If restricted view access has been selected, you will not have access to your own submitted mouse strain.


Unrestricted strains deposited to APB will be registered to International Mouse Strain Resources.

Create a new strain:

Previously created strain:

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