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The Australian Phenome Bank (APB) maintains a large repository of frozen sperm and embryo collections for the research community that can be revived anytime to generate live mice. Our staff are highly experienced and trained in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures including collecting mouse sperm, harvesting unfertilized eggs, conducting in-vitro fertilization and embryo transplantation.

We also help remove mouse pathogens of mice with uncertain health status to establish a clean mouse colony by our rederivation process.

We have dedicated PC2 accredited laboratories for the above procedures to conduct the experiments and to preserve the high standards of specific pathogen-free health status of our mouse colonies and breeding program.

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Cryopreservation of Sperm



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IVF with frozen sperm samples.

Embryo transfers with frozen embryos.


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National and

worldwide transportation of

frozen stock or

live mice.

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