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We have several people with broad expertise in their domains working in our laboratories.

Our team exists of several ART coordinators who are specialized in assisted mouse reproductive techniques, a cryogenics coordinator who is specialized in all the cryopreservation aspects of mouse gonads, an import and export coordinator who has extensive knowledge of national and international transportation of biological samples and live animals.

All our APB team members are highly experienced and undergo continuous training to stay up to date with the latest and improved technologies. 

MARP Reproductive Team

IVF - Cryogenics Coordinator

Import - Export Coordinator

ART Coordinator

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Get to Know Us

We operate from two different nodes, one team based in Canberra (ANU) and the other in Melbourne (Monash). We have been working closely together for the past 15 years with both teams having extensive experience in mouse assisted reproductive technology. All requests are handled by the ANU team, however the laboratory work is divided between the two nodes. 

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